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The most annoying radio ad

Hellooooo…this is Frank Walker from national tiles

Anyone who listens to the radio will recognise this ad. Before Frank even reaches the ‘o’ of his helloooo we know its him. Frank Walker is the managing director at National Tiles. Their ads are on nearly every radio station around the country. Over the years he has created a name for his business and himself through his radio advertising. To his credit, he has done a great job.

A lot of people I have spoken to can’t stand Frank’s ads . My opinion – not the most annoying or the worst radio ad.

So how has he done it? Despite being so annoying, how has he created a valuable brand? The answer is consistency. Every ad starts with his elongated helloooo. It’s him in every ad and he does it in the same style, regardless of the market or his audience. He has also built a great business and product offering to support the radio ads. His website is visually appealing and distribution network is wide.

His radio ads have become so famous that people have even created remixes with famous artists such as Eminem. Here’s my favourite below

This style of annoying marketing is done intentionally. Even though it leaves your audience feeling annoyed and disgruntled, it gets attention and its also memorable.

Many other companies have used this form of marketing. Some examples being Australian Medical Institute’s premature ejaculation ads and Harvey Norman’s weekly specials.

3 Responses to “The most annoying radio ad”

  1. John White

    Would NEVER use this company, even if they were the last tile company on earth.
    I have even stopped listening to3AW because of this unbelievable rubbish they call an ad fore tiles.

  2. Jan

    Would never buy tiles from this company,me might be getting recognition but this company would be the place I would shop, I switch the ad off as soon as it comes on, so am not interested in anything he says.

  3. Rob Maguire

    Fully agree with the above. Hell could freeze over before I would buy tiles from this twat. I change radio stations before he gets even gets to the end of hello, then it remains on the new station until his ad starts to play there.

    All other companies paying to advertise on radio but unfortunate to be aired immediately following these ads are wasting their marketing budgets. I’d love to see these other companies rise to the challenge and boycot adversting with any station that plays his ads. Let’s see how long he lasts on air then!


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