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BOOBS – by Bonds

Over the last week or so mysterious BOOBS billboards that have popped up around the city. Till yesterday there was no brand name visible but the creative of the ad made it obvious that they belonged to the underwear brand Bonds. The brand created a teaser campaign where it changed its name to ‘BOOBS’ across all signage including social media pages and billboards in capital cities.

A recent survey conducted by the company revealed that women did not really associate Bonds with bras. This gave birth to the ‘Boobs’ concept created by Clemenger BBDO to capture women’s bra market. The campaign highlightes  Bonds’ broad range of bra sizes and fits. The company said it was a bid to show it’s “getting serious about bras”. It has created 7 categories of bras being Happy Boobs, Busty Boobs, Sporty Boobs, Wow Boobs, Smooth Boobs, Super Boobs and Mama Boobs.

The timing of the campaign launch matches with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. A ‘Boob-esteem’ study conducted by Bonds surveyed more than 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 54 found that only 10% of women love their boobs. It also found that 18% of women like nothing about their breasts. Bonds aims to resolve poor ‘boob-esteem’ by changing the bra-buying experience. Bonds have set up Boob-Esteem booths in selected Myer and Big W stores in Melbourne and Sydney where women can be fitted for a Bonds bra in a “relaxed Bonds environment”.

bond boobs

Since its launch the consumer reaction towards this campaign has been mixed. While most consumers have seen it as a bit of fun, some women have found the campaign to be derogatory and disrespectful towards cancer patients and survivors. The Advertising Standards Bureau said in a statement that it had so far received 15 official complaints about the campaign which is not seen as excessive. Tanya Deans, Bonds general manager of marketing has said: “This campaign isn’t about breast cancer it’s about bras. We feel really confident with what we’ve done, it’s definitely not our intention to go out and upset people and that doesn’t make us happy obviously.”

“The vast majority of women are taking it in the spirit it was intended and not taking offence.

“The individual who is a breast cancer survivor, I’m mortified to think she’s taken it so personally.”

While this may be a bit out of the line, Bonds have always been cheeky with their advertising. Hence this campaign is not out of the ordinary for them. It’s clearly aimed to gain a lot of attention and embed Bonds in consideration set when consumers think of brands associated with bras. With a campaign like this, brand recall is likely to be high and it’ll be interesting to see how they will continue to reinforce their message.

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