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Chocolate biscuit wars – Arnott’s vs Cadbury

With the launch of Cadbury Fingers and Freddo Biscuits in the chocolate biscuit aisle, a chocolate biscuit war has broken out between Cadbury and Arnott’s. Prior to the launch, Cadbury already held a healthy portion of the chocolate aisle. As competition get tougher and tougher here, it’s clear they have decided to take on Arnott’s Tim Tams in the chocolate biscuit category.

Cadbury Fingers

Tim Tams date from 1964 and were named after a racehorse that had impressed Arnott’s scion Ross Arnott when he had a flutter at the 1958 Kentucky Derby. The brand has now become an Aussie icon and is loved by Australians of all ages and gender. Tim Tams are the clear market leader with the parent company Arnott’s holding 51% share of the sweet biscuits market.

Until recently, the only real competition Tim Tams faced was from supermarkets’ private label copy brands and Kraft’s Oreos. Cadbury’s entry into the biscuit aisle has probably forced Arnott’s to re-think its strategy and competition.

Tim Tams has recently experimented with a range of flavours in snack sized packs to maintain shopper loyalty, including dark chocolate, dark chocolate mint, choc orange, caramel, white chocolate and honeycomb. More recently, the launch of Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites shows their attempt to get space in the chocolate aisle leveraging off the Tim Tam brand. The campaign centres around an interactive consumer poll asking respondents to decide whether Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites are chocolates or biscuits – for the chance to win a year’s supply of Tim Tams. The poll allows consumers to vote in real time instantly collating data and displaying the results through a single back-end poll. Consumers can vote through pre-rolls (the TVC continues to play as users cast a vote), within display units, through bespoke Facebook mobile ad units or Tim Tam’s Facebook page. The results of each vote are displayed instantly, across all formats.


So far it seems like a win-win situation for Arnott’s. The data will allow them enter a new product category also increase consumer purchase and involvement. As of today, 66% voters called it chocolate, and 34% called it a biscuit. The results are looking good for Arnott’s and just might them get the entry into the chocolate aisle.

It’ll be interesting to watch from here if Tim Tams will remain Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit or will Cadbury threaten their position.

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