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We’ve all had energy drinks…now a drink to calm your senses

Students, busy professionals….we’ve all consumed energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster. These drinks are spiked with caffeine and other stimulating ingredients to give a shot of energy.

Now supermarket soda aisles are stocking drinks that have the opposite effect – drinks that help you calm down. Relaxation drinks like Neuro Bliss and Just Chill can now be seen in soda aisles in US supermarkets. These drinks are not marketed as medicine but just as drinks to help you relax and calm down after a busy day or even a hectic meeting. Common ingredients across different relaxation drink brands are melatonin, valerian root and L-theanine, all known to help fight sleeplessness.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported wholesale sales of $32 million last year on these products. Impressive but still well behind the $6 billion generated by energy drinks.

Relaxation drinks have other substitutes such as tea or even a Martini. Similar to energy drinks, there’s no guarantee that these relaxation drinks will necessarily work for everyone. Different brands also have different levels of sugar varying from very little to as much as a can of coke to sweeten the bitter taste of the herbs.

Different brands are positioning themselves differently in order to stand out from competition. An example is Just chill who have sponsored yoga and surfing events to cultivate its brand image.

Since these drinks are fairly new to the market, it’ll be interesting to see how successful they’ll be. I am yet to try one myself and am looking forward to grabbing my hand on one of them.


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