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One Cutting Chai

Why one cutting chai?

Sure, sure … you’re thinking, why is this blog called one cutting chai?  In India, “chai” is the Hindi word for “tea,” but it usually means the well-known and much beloved style of sweetened spiced milk-tea. It’s the daily essential (like fuel for an engine) hot beverage enjoyed by Indians every morning – at the very least.

Local Indian interpretations of the ‘cutting’ part vary widely: from the chai literally being ‘cut’ into smaller portions and served in half glasses, to being brewed so strong that a half serve is plenty.

But then again, according to Samosapedia:

            “The ‘cutting’ part is in itself a social commentary, implying that consumption of the said chai is best enjoyed in company of friends, colleagues and associates, with cups being shared (‘cut’) among the group members.”

Regardless the reference, a cutting chai is about enjoyment, sharing and being a powerful pick-me-up. And that’s exactly what you can expect here.


What you’ll get served

one cutting chai is my way of sharing and bonding with you, across the internet. Once you’ve taken your first sip, you’ll hopefully be tempted out of your comfort zone … just one more sip!

Here I’ll share my thoughts, ideas and opinions on campaigns and marketing concepts from across the world. Like strong tea, each wake-me-up sip will focus on the different and interesting – mixing the lauding of brilliance with humble condemnation of the ordinary, and a relentless search for ideas that disrupt your day.

My blog’s name and concept is Indian in inspiration, but it’s contemporary in execution – blending east and west, old and new, with communion out at its core.


How you’ll feel while you’re drinking

You may experience a wry smile here and there. The smug warmth of satisfaction. Outrage or even a burnt tongue (the tea may be piping hot). My only hope is that you enjoy it.


Who’s made this cutting cup?

Rishi Garg

I’m a brand obsessed guy who can’t go without his daily hit of cutting chai – or coffee – to kick start my enquiring brain. Oh, and my name is Rishi Garg. Hailing from Delhi, my teenage years were flavoured by an international boarding school in Mussoorie, in the heights of the Himalayas. There my palette was trained to enjoy different cultures, inspirations and excellence.

Those mountain years now drive my inspiration to do different things, in a different way, and experiment with new ideas.

After migrating to Australia (to complete my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing) I fell in love with Melbourne. I’m a self-confessed marketing junkie (now studying for my MBA and Master of Marketing) who secretly wishes that I could teleport so I can see, be and experience all the places I want in one day.

My days are full working as the Marketing Manager for a not-for-profit industry body, I get a buzz out of ethics, ideals and what could be called a strange bedfellow for them both, politics. I’m ambitious, pragmatic and stubborn, yet warm and friendly – and believe that just like a good chai, life is about relationships and conversations.


A final thought

A distinct characteristic of enjoying one cutting chai is the way it’s consumed.
Short, loud sips should be followed by a long sigh of utter and complete contentment (phaaaaaaaah!). Please feel free.


Disclaimer: All views on this blog are mine and not that of my employer or any other third-party.

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